Redbreast 15 Year Old Pure Pot Still Review

It really is a shame when we read or hear someone speak ill of the Irish category. There is a decent level of variety within this style with plenty to talk about. Today’s selection of Redbreast 15 Year Old is one of those go to game changers than could convert any non-believer. We are already big fans of the 12 year old expression, so we didn’t see how an extra 3 years with more ABV and no chill filtration could possibly do us wrong. And we are never wrong. On to some particulars…

Redbreast 15 is a “Pure Pot Still” whiskey of malted and un-malted barley clocking in at a very welcome 46% ABV. This triple distilled spirit was created at New Midleton Distillery. A quick word on “Pure Pot Still:” the only thing preventing this designation from changing to Single Malt is the fact that un-malted barley is involved. Single malt can only be made from malted barley and is distilled in a single pot still rather than incorporating column distilled spirit. But no one cares, so onto our review.

SWC Group Review

Nose- Rivers of vanilla, butterscotch and rich toffee. Musty oak and ripe banana. Like walking through a confection aisle. Brown sugar with a whiff of cola. Nice grain.

Taste- Incredible. Rum raisin richness. Oily, full bodied. Thick with chocolate and oak. Vanilla and cola. Grain.

Finish– Medium. Ripe fruit up front. Sherry. Ends on toffee, chocolate.

Comments- Well worth the contemplation. Just a wonderful, enjoyable glass of Irish whiskey. And only one of us took issue with the price. That’s a winner, right there.

SWC Rating – 88/100

Average Retail – $75.00

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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