John L. Sullivan “The Ten Count” Review

Friends, if you are not a regular viewer of CNN, allow me to share with you a recent press release from your trusted Spokane Whiskey Club: it is with great joy and full glee that I announce the club has returned to the Irish Whiskey Category with four new reviews. I know you’re all pretty excited. We are too. We begin with a new blend from Cooley Distillery titled John L. Sullivan “The Ten Count” Irish Blended Whiskey.

This new blend is named after the last bare-knuckled World Heavy Weight Champion, John L. Sullivan, himself a fighting Irishman. And since this write up’s author is about 1/15th Irish, I needed no other reason to sample. Ten Count (meaning 10 years old) is the premium version of a no age statement flagship bottling, both aged with “Single Use” American Oak barrels. For the Yankee readers, think of this as a previously bourbon filled oak barrel transported over the pond to our Irish and Scottish friends who then designate them “First Fill.” Confusing at first, but note that these barrels are used sometimes up to 5 times, so a refill cask means more oak influence to the spirit for a more full bodied flavor. Say no more, we’re all in. On to our review…

SWC Group Review

Nose– Sweet with pears and fruit syrup (maple, too). Fruit cocktail. Mellow nose with a touch of sherry and whiff of sour.

Taste- Honey, toffee with an oily mouth feel. Creamy with big grain flavor. Pears again with green apple.

Finish- Sweet with toffee on a light layer of smoke and char. Drying (perhaps a bit bitter). Medium length. Touch of cherry.

Comment – Other than a slight disappointment in the finish, a fairly decent showing for the Irish category. Pretty flavorful, no doubt helped with those nice, choice Bourbon barrels. Recommended if you don’t mind the high price point.

SWC Group Rating – 81/100

Average Retail – $45.00

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment below.

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