Noah’s Mill Bourbon Review

We now take a look at Noah’s Mill Bourbon Whiskey. Like Rowan’s Creek, Noah’s Mill is also bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers. In years past this spirit was near 15 years old, but KBD moved in recently to include bourbons of two to twenty years old to eliminate the stronger oak tannins of a fifteen year old bourbon.

A quick word on some distinctions before we go further: notice what is not included in the whiskey’s title, namely a lack of the terms “straight,” or “Kentucky.” Most bourbons are made in Kentucky and are made “straight,” meaning that no coloring or flavoring are allowed, it must be aged in new barrels for at least two years, among other things. And why is NH not included in these categories? Since KBD, until recently, is not a working distillery, they are essentially a bottler of sourced whiskies from all over the US (thus “Kentucky” is eliminated). KBD does not disclose where they get their whiskies, but one more distinction also needs to be mentioned: KBD does actually age their sourced product. In fact, they re-age, and not always in new barrels (thus eliminating “Straight” fro mthe bottle), which is usually the practice.

Regardless of its unorthodox makeup, Noah’s Mill is still a quality bourbon and is thought of as such by a number of other reviewers. It’s full bodied and full flavored with plenty of barrel time. Bottled at 57.15% ABV, let’s see how it pans out…

SWC Group Review

Nose -Rich. Old oak. Vanilla which grows as the whiskey opens up. Hints of musty corn, cola, licorice and tobacco. Maturity in the nose. Full strength is still pleasant. Spice.

Taste – Rich honey, sweet vanilla. Rich, coats the palate. Buttery sweet with  hints of fruit.

Finish – Rich, bold sweet tones that echo through the long finish. Hints of oak.

Comment – We agree with Kentucky Bourbon Distillers description of this as a premium bourbon, as this is one of our higher rated selections. Definitely worth the trouble of tracking this down.

SWC Rating –  88/100

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  1. Finally

    Boss picked this up for me. Love it!

    I pick up a chocolate note and I never hear that mentioned in reviews. Must be my batch.


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