Heritage Distilling Company Elk Rider Blended Whiskey Review

If you are uncontrollably wealthy, skip this first paragraph, for you may not understand our line of thinking. The Spokane Whiskey Club is made up of working individuals, slaying the dragon daily only to come home to bills and exhaustion. When we meet together to conduct a monthly meeting, yes, we taste and review whiskies and enjoy the revelry and debauchery that comes with it, but after EVERY bottle we ask two questions: is the whiskey worth the price and would you buy it again. Picky or not, we not always agree with the price tag (shocked, you must be). On a limited budget, we have to be very selective about what we buy. We don’t want to waste money, and we are also not a charity. If you ask us to buy a $60.00 bottle of 2 year old “premium spirit” from WhateverTheHell Distillery, then brother, that puts you on the fighting side of us. That’s why we are so fired up about value buys. You can imagine our relief when Heritage Distilling Company explained their pricing structure of the Elk Rider Series.

To quote Justin Stiefel, Head Distiller (and about 4 other titles), “our whiskies are designed to be under $30.00 retail. It is important to us that people feel like they got a good deal when they pick up a bottle of our product. As new entrants to legal commercial distilling in the last couple of years it is hard to ask a consumer to spend $45 or more on a new whiskey they have never tried in a retail store.” If you think their stuff is made too cheaply, and quality is affected, think again. HDC is 2014’s most awarded craft distillery in the US by the American Distilling Institute.  However you spin it, it seems to be working out for them. HDC will be opening 3 new locations in the next year with a 2nd tasting room in Gig Harbor, a distillery and tasting room in Roslyn, WA, and a full production facility in Eugene, OR. I guess it pays when you respect your customer’s wallet.

We close out our look at HDC’s Elk Rider Series  with a review of Elk Rider Blended Whiskey. Of the three Elk Rider whiskies this one may be the most unassuming. The prospect of drinking from a bottle that has “Blended Whiskey” as its title doesn’t exactly reach a euphoric level of excitement, but take it from us, you might be surprised. This proprietary blend of corn, wheat, and rye whiskies is distilled and aged separately in a mixture of 200L/50L/10L new American oak barrels and is bottled at 46%ABV. Let’s get to it…


SWC Group Review


Nose- Honey, sweet melon and a candied sweetness right away. Develops flowery notes, corn aromas with a sweet tea feel. Reminiscent of a light, mellow Scotch with honeyed tones.

Taste-Warming, candy corn sweetness then a dry, grassy affair.

Finish- Medium length. Light oak with a bit of rye sweetness. Fading.

Comments- We call these types of whiskies “simple sippers.” Would function well alone in a glass or as a mixer. A pleasing simplicity to the flavors with surprising balance. Performed above expectations. Very impressed with this little Gig Harbor group. Carry on.

SWC Rating – 83/100

Average Retail – $30


Disclaimer – HDC provided a random, un-altered bottle from their production warehouse for this review. Our thanks to Hannah H for the opportunity.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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